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Now We Are 3!

The great thing about having your own company is that you can get together, talk about books you like, eat cake, and refer to this occasion, with a straight face, as the “annual company meeting, as mandated by the State of New York.”

Yes, you heard it here first: We are required by law to hang out once a year and blow right past all reasonable calorie limits. (Although SOMEONE did not eat all her frosting, and who knows how the authorities will deal with that kind of hooliganism.)

Highlights of the past year:

  • We inaugurated a new line of books to showcase the histories of businesses (especially family-owned companies) and institutions (like religious congregations and nonprofit organizations).

  • We published some terrific new books, including one epic family history that spans four generations (and almost 400 pages!).

  • We created a fabulous new book design for memoirs and family histories.

  • We became founding members of the Biographers Guild of Greater New York, an organization for life story professionals.

What we’re looking forward to:

  • We’re excited to be exhibitors at a major convention in Chicago later in the year (more on that soon).

  • We will set up our Instagram to show a lot more than cake consumption (although our commitment to cake is eternal and unshakeable).

  • Speaking of commitment, Samantha vows to hit new personal-best records in both the squat and bench press, even if it kills her (but it probably won’t).

  • For her part, Susan is committed to stop renovating parts of her already-gorgeous home (pictures, or it didn’t happen!).

Thanks to everyone who’s encouraged us in the past year—and since we began this exhilarating company just three years ago. Your support is the best birthday present Remarkable Life could ever get!


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