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Culinary Histories

Food draws us together like nothing else. So we’re making it easy for you to create a personal history based on recipes and memories of home. 


A custom Culinary History will honor the people, places, and traditions that make you and your family unique. 


In one beautiful, engaging volume, we can combine all the ingredients of your story: 

  • recipes (handwritten or digitized, in any condition)

  • photographs (with each one improved to look its best)

  • oral histories (to preserve history in their own words)

  • interviewing (first-person memories, respectfully edited)

  • ghostwriting (your story, no writing required)

  • historical research (to put it all in context for future readers)

Our Culinary History is an ideal family gift for honoring an elder or marking a special occasion. It can also serve as the perfect foundation for a memoir of the foodie in your life. 


If you’d like to brainstorm with us about preserving personal history, food, and culture, please be in touch!

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