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Have We Got a Story for You!


It was an unseasonably chilly day in May 2016 when two publishing veterans met for what was supposed to be a polite meet-and-greet lunch. Four (!) hours later, the two of us—fueled by brownies and the energy of Midtown Manhattan—knew that we were destined to create something amazing together.


We realized how much we had in common by talking about our lives: our careers and the state of publishing, our parents and our children, our accomplishments and disappointments. And, of course, the terrible, terrible eyeglasses we once had to endure:


(Yes, that happened. It was the '80s.)

But more importantly, in the course of one life-changing afternoon, we discovered that we are both passionate about preserving real-life histories, and we love making them beautiful, readable, and meaningful.


Remarkable Life Memoirs is living proof of the power of telling your story. Take it from us: You’ll never regret connecting with others, sharing your story, and leaving the world a little wiser than you found it. 

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