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Your Story, Your Way


The partners of Remarkable Life Memoirs are the experts when it comes to privately published books. 


We’re not out to publish blockbusters. The only reviews we care about are the ones that come from your circle of readers. 


Individual authors distribute their Life History books to family and friends. We’re also proud to note that significant archives have accepted our books for their collections and have praised their quality.


Institutional Histories target a different kind of audience, ranging from employees and members to honored guests and potential donors. There’s no better way to tell the world who you are and what makes you special.

Correspondence Collections allow you to tell a story through letters, which provide a unique perspective on people and the times in which they lived.


Our Culinary Histories are much more than recipe books! The combination of food and personal history honors the personalities, traditions, and culture that make your family unique.


Assembling one of our Collection Catalogues will be a crowning achievement for the collector in your life. Through crisp images and sparkling writing, we bring your interests and expertise to life.


Regardless of your audience, a privately published book is the most direct and authentic way to share your history, your goals, and your unique take on what’s most important.

Take a peek at our Gallery to see why we're so proud of our books—and our authors! Please get in touch to start brainstorming your own life history project.

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