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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How much will my book cost?

A. Our life story projects—memoirs and family histories—generally start at $25,000. Smaller projects, like culinary histories and collection catalogs, usually start at about $10,000. Get in touch for a free consultation and detailed proposal that will fit your budget.​


Q. What makes RLM’s books superior?

A. All our books—hardcover, softcover, leather-bound—are heirlooms in every sense of the word. Made with the highest-quality materials (including FSC-certified, acid-free paper) by artisans in the U.S., they will last for generations to become a cherished part of your family’s library.

Our premium, leather-bound books are in a category all their own! Made from hand-polished English goatskin, their covers and spines are stamped with 22-karat gold leaf. These books are bound by hand, using the traditional “sewing through the fold” method. The decorative raised bands on the spine are also traditional in origin. The endbands (the colorful material where the binding meets the pages) are made of English cane wrapped in silk. The unbleached Irish linen thread used for sewing the pages together is of archival quality, as is the adhesive made to our binder's specifications and the paper used for the interior pages. The fabric of our slipcases, the finishing touch, is imported from the Netherlands.

But what really makes our books outstanding is the expertise of our editorial and design professionals. We are veterans of the publishing world, and we work closely with clients to lend our skills to telling your story with warmth and authenticity. RLM books are beautiful, inside and out!

Q. How much input do I get? 

A. When you create a privately published book, you are in charge. Every detail is up to you: what information goes into your manuscript, what images are used, how many copies are printed. By the time your book goes to the printer, you will have seen and approved every bit of it, every step of the way.

Q. Can I use my vintage photos, even if they’re cracked or faded?

A. We digitally improve and restore the photos—as well as handwritten letters, recipes, marriage certificates, diplomas, ship manifests, and census records—used in all our books. As a bonus, this process will preserve these precious images for the future. 


Q. What does “private publishing” mean?

A. RLM’s books are all privately published, which means that we create them for you to share with family and friends, not the marketplace. You hold all the rights to your books, and they are not for sale (unless you want to sell them yourself, as part of a speaking tour, for example). 

Q. I would love to create a book as a gift, but I'm running out of time!

A. Give a Remarkable Life Gift Certificate in any amount to jump-start a personal history project. Housed in an elegant presentation box, this unique and thoughtful present can be redeemed for any of our services. 

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