Remarkable Life Memoirs helps turn life stories into stunning, privately published books.

Great books require great skill. And we’ve got that skill—times two.


Susan spent 35 years working for New York publishing houses, mastering the design of everything from scholarly tomes to irreverent humor books. 


Samantha spent 25 years editing everything from a daily newspaper to tech weeklies, from national magazines to books about Renaissance art.


Both Susan and Samantha are proud founding members of the Biographers Guild of Greater New York, a trade organization representing professionals who preserve histories for individuals, families, and institutions in our area and beyond.

We make beautiful memoirs together.

So we know publishing. But memoir requires a special touch.

Personal history is a conversation of past, present, and future. Hearing and transmitting that conversation is our only business.


If you believe your story is worth preserving, then your project deserves the highest-quality editing, design, and printing. And you deserve a respectful, meaningful, and even joyful experience.

Your story is remarkable. Let Remarkable Life Memoirs help tell it to the world. 

Are you ready to start?


Sign up now for a free consultation about your life history project. 

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