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Who We Are

Uniquely Qualified to Tell Your Story


The partners of Remarkable Life Memoirs have the skills, knowledge, and experience to turn memories into stunning, privately published books.

Susan has spent more than four decades mastering book design, from bestselling memoirs to irreverent humor books. And Samantha has spend almost as long editing every kind of nonfiction you can imagine, from a daily newspaper to tech weeklies, from national magazines to books about Renaissance art.


Together, we’ve built a business devoted to helping real people tell the stories of their lives. We know how to do it all—interviewing, editing, ghostwriting, book design, photo restoration, printing, and binding—and our skills are second to none.


Great life histories require great expertise. And we're the experts—times two!




Our clients love us!


Remarkable Life Memoirs, you all were amazing. I set an impossible deadline, with too much material, and too little time to focus. You helped shape the vision, guided me every step of the way, and taught me how to provide the information necessary to make this succeed. We are so totally thrilled by this book.



Samantha, you’ve been a hell of an editor, and your comments and suggestions always made it better.



They're beyond gorgeous, and we're absolutely over the moon. Thank you so much, especially in light of our time constraints!


I've just started it, but it's already clear to me you've done such a wonderful job with my grandfather’s work. This is an amazing gift to our family. Thank you so much!



What you have given my grandmother is priceless. Thank you—this book has made me laugh and cry. The fact that you turned a bunch of interviews into a cohesive story is beyond impressive.


I was thrilled. Susan is a pro, and a pleasure to work with.



I’m so happy with the book. Everyone who’s seen it thinks it’s beautiful, first-class.



Samantha and Susan are true professionals, and it's a joy to work with them. The time just flew by. When I read the first draft, I thought, “I've had the most wonderful life, haven't I?"


The Latest Buzz

The partners of Remarkable Life Memoirs were thrilled to be featured in an article about creating memoirs on


Samantha was featured on the business podcast Smashing the Plateau, with host David Shriner-Cahn. Start listening at 24:09.

Awarded Top 10 Memoir Blog from Feedspot in recognition of how we are "actively working to educate, inspire, and empower readers with frequent updates and high-quality information."


Just who do we think we are? Glad you asked! We've got a great story to tell.

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