Life Histories

The story of one life is a precious gift. Recalling the events and ideas that shaped us can be a profound experience, a combination of memory and meaning. 

We can edit an existing manuscript, or we can interview someone who would prefer for us to ghostwrite their memoir or biography. We’ll improve and restore your old photos to complement the text.

Creating a family history connects past, present, and future. We can provide all the resources—everything from translation services to custom maps—needed to make your multigenerational story come alive. If you have fragile documents and letters, allow us to preserve them so that they can illustrate your family’s story.

The samples below show our established designs, which can be used for your memoir, biography, or family history. We offer various design options to fit your budget. All can be customized according to your preferences.  

LUCKY TRADITIONAL DESIGN: This sample features: 7.5" x 10" size    full-color hardcover    leather spine    full-color pages throughout    archival-quality paper and ink    custom endpapers    sewn binding    custom slipcase

LUCKY MODERN DESIGN: This sample features: 8.5" x 9" size    full leather binding    full-color pages throughout    archival-quality paper and ink    custom endpapers    sewn binding    custom slipcase

We can also provide our services for stand-alone projects like family trees, recipe books, house histories, pet tributes, correspondence collections, and oral histories. 

If you have an idea that’s not listed here, please ask! We’d love to help preserve a personal history in whatever form is most meaningful to you and your loved ones.