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Telling Our Story, Instagram-Style

Tis the season of gift-giving, so this year, we decided to treat ourselves—to an Instagram! Our account has been up and running for only a few weeks, and it’s finally time to let all of our friends and fans in on the excitement.

We love writing blog posts and highlighting our favorite articles on Facebook and LinkedIn, but Instagram gives us the chance to share on a more personal level. When you follow us, you’ll get glimpses into our lives as we work with clients, colleagues, and each other. We’ll be serving up everything from favorite holiday recipes to tips about telling life stories. And Instagram will be our venue for debuting surprise offers and giveaways.

But we also want our newest social media platform to be a two-way street! We hope the comments sections of our posts will be a place where our community can share memories, old family photos, and everyday inspiration. Tag a friend who might be interested in our take on personal storytelling, in all its glorious forms.

So if you’re already on Instagram and you want to see more of us, go ahead and give us a follow! If you’re not on Instagram, this is a great time to make an account so you can stay up to date on all of our shenanigans. (And c’mon, you know you need more shenanigans in your life right about now!)


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