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Many Happy Returns

Picture the celebration: We schmoozed, we ordered in, we ate cake, we talked for four hours straight, and (naturally) we carped about how hard it is to take a picture that both of us can tolerate.

And we did it all in person, which is just about the best gift imaginable.

We started Remarkable Life Memoirs with tons of professional experience and approximately zero business knowledge. Over the past five years we’ve learned a lot—about accounting and marketing, sure, but also about how and why people yearn to tell their stories.

It turns out that the pandemic was no match for the very human desire to preserve their histories, memories, and experiences.

It turns out that Zoom is no barrier to forming real bonds—laughing, crying, the whole nine yards—with clients.

Most significantly, it turns out that people value the experience of creating a memoir or family history as much as they value our beautiful books.

We feel extraordinarily proud to have built a business based on connecting people. And we feel lucky to have done so in a partnership of excellence, respect, and frankly goofy joy.

And, because life is short, cake. Always cake.


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