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RLM Presents: The Culinary History

We’re thrilled to announce our latest initiative: a memoir/cookbook hybrid. As self-proclaimed foodies, we find it intensely satisfying to combine two of our favorite things: delicious recipes and telling life stories. Read on to find out how you can create a new kind of personal history!

The idea for our new Culinary History was initially conceived last year, when we realized how many of our clients’ projects include memories of traditional foods, photographs of holiday gatherings, and even detailed recipes.

Food is important—and not just to us! You might laugh, but whether beans belong in chili, whether cornbread needs sugar, and whether bagels should ever be toasted can make for some heated exchanges. (We don’t hold strong positions on any of the above, but as New Yorkers, we state for the record that chocolate chip bagels schmeared with birthday-cake-flavored cream cheese is a perversion of all that is good and right.)

We care so much, because food and identity are so strongly linked. Favorite recipes transmit culture and tradition across the generations like nothing else. Cooking together strengthens emotional bonds, especially for kids. Memories of taste and aroma are among the most indelible.

But you probably know all that. Even in this digital age, we bet you still cherish disintegrating index cards covered with handwritten tips explaining how to make a dish perfect. Why? Because they connect you to the beloved grandparents and faraway friends who cared enough to transmit those all-important details. Just like a memoirist, they speak to the future.

Which brings us back to our new offering: Here’s a first look at the RLM Culinary History!

How does this work?

The wonderful thing about our Culinary History is that it’s customizable (as are all our books). Take a look through our gallery for inspiration, but know that your version will be unique.

  • Focus on one person (the great-grandmother you never met? your globetrotting mother-in-law? your restaurateur dad?), and then tell their story through recipes and food traditions.

  • Or pass along the history and culture of your whole clan! Include contributions from as many people as you’d like, and create a rich and multilayered family history.

  • The content of your Culinary History can include recipes, of course, but also reminiscences, photos, documents, stories, oral histories, historical background—whatever tells your story best.

Who is this for?

We can think of lots of reasons to create a Culinary History. Consider how many people in your life would be inspired by the shared connection!

  • Pay tribute to a loved one who brought people together through memorable holiday meals and special dishes. A life story doesn’t need to be stuffy or formal to honor an iconic presence in your family—quite the contrary!

  • A Culinary History would be invaluable to those just starting out in adult life: recent college grads, newlyweds, new parents, folks who are relocating or downsizing. Life may change, but it’s a comfort to know that some things remain the same.

  • You! If writing your own story or family history seems daunting, a food-based memoir might be a manageable alternative. Pass along the knowledge that inspires you.

We can’t wait to start creating these personalized, meaningful, and gorgeous books with you. No matter what type of project sparks your interest, drop us a line so we can talk through your ideas and options. Until then, bon appetit!


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