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Birthday, Present

This is the season in which we usually write a jaunty chronicle of RLM’s past year, complete with a photo of the founders celebrating the company’s birthday with cake and big smiles (for the record, a cake was baked this year— a delicious banana one).

But as proud as we are of the previous year’s growth and accomplishments (of which there have been many), we would be remiss if we didn’t note the challenges that we (and the whole world) face as we write this. The word “unprecedented” is insufficient to describe the uncertainty we are now enduring.

But RLM is very much alive and kicking as we approach our fourth birthday (!), and for that we’re profoundly grateful. If anything, we feel a renewed sense of relevance and purpose.

Don’t get us wrong: We always knew that telling life stories was important. But it turns out that telling life stories is essential.

We know that’s true, because we hear it almost daily from our clients. People get a little emotional about it. We’re not embarrassed to say that we get a little emotional about it.

The desire to make sense of our lives, our histories, our hope and fears—the desire, in other words, to say that there’s a point to it all—is stronger than ever. The fact that you are reading this blog post now is evidence of that. We want the world to know that we built a business and that it made a difference in people’s lives. It’s sometimes easy to lose sight of that in the midst of the daily grind!

And so, regardless of world events, we want to pause and celebrate this milestone. The fact that we have to do so in separate home offices doesn’t matter in the long run. What does matter is that strong ties to one another can transcend everything: the pandemic, the news, the politics, the anxiety, the sheer exhaustion of living through “interesting” times. Events will pass by, but these bonds are forever.

Our very human connections—to the past, to the future, to ourselves and our loved ones—are what it’s all about. As always, we’re here to help you honor them.

—Susan & Samantha


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