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The Printing Process

Q. What kind of company will print my books?

A. Our printers and binders are small outfits that provide outstanding craftsmanship. All are based in the U.S., and all have been vetted at every level. Our vendors care deeply about every detail, and they in turn respect our expertise and expectations of quality. 


Q. How will my book be printed?

A. Our books are printed digitally (meaning without the plates required by traditional printing), a process that makes printing a small number of books cost-effective without sacrificing quality. Our printers’ Indigo presses use the same technology employed by thousands of commercial printers around the world.


Q. What kind of materials are used in printing?

A. We print our books on acid-free and archival-quality Mohawk or Cougar papers. These papers are guaranteed to come from responsibly managed forests, via a process called FSC certification.  


Q. What kind of materials are used in binding?

A. Our binders specialize in traditional techniques. They use hand-polished English goatskin, tanned with sumac and other natural materials; archival-quality Irish linen for sewing book signatures; non-acidic and archival-quality adhesive; and silk headbands (the narrow decorative strips at the top and bottom of the spine). The front covers and spines of our leather-bound books are stamped with gold leaf, and our fabric-bound books are stamped with gold foil. Custom-made slipcases can be created to house each volume. 

Q. Do you offer more budget-conscious options for printing and binding?

A. We are happy to offer options for economical book production and other smart ideas to fit your budget. Regardless of your choices, know that we are committed to top-quality work every step of the way.

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