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Manhattan Dispatches: That Feeling When…

  • you look out the window solely to see if anyone else’s mask is cooler than your mask (Nope, not even close.)

  • you notice that ambulances aren’t even bothering to use their sirens because there’s no traffic to alert anyway

  • you hang a bag of homemade brownies on your upstairs neighbor’s doorknob and skulk away like a criminal before she can open the door

  • you run up and down the same flight of steps in your building’s stairwell and call it “cardio”

  • you weep over your Costco order (finally! fruit!) and treat the delivery guy like an Allied liberator

  • you can set your watch by the nightly 7 p.m. block party that consists of people leaning out windows to clap, hoot, bang on pots, and listen to Sinatra's "New York, New York" 

  • you see people leaving the corner bodega clutching armloads of flowers and remember, vaguely, that there’s beauty in the world.


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