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Behind the Scenes: Samantha’s Day in the Life

Now that we’ve settled into our Strange New Normal, we’d like to share what daily life looks like here at RLM. Although in-person meetings have morphed into video-everything, our schedules are still packed with conversations about life stories. Let’s kick it off with a day in the life of Samantha working from home, pandemic-style.

8:00AM: I’ve always been a pretty early riser—my idea of “sleeping in” is getting up around 9! The first thing on my mind is coffee. I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts devotee, so I make myself a cup (or two, or three) while planning the day ahead.

8:30AM: I get the New York Times delivered, and reading the news while taking that last sip is energizing. Today I savor one of my daughter’s homemade croissants (!) along with my messy veggie omelette. I save some for whenever she shows up at the company cafeteria (read: my kitchen).

9:30AM: Organization is critical for this line of work. My bullet journal is hyper-organized but also flexible enough to allow for the unexpected. After I consult my to-do list, I get to work on proposals, inquiries, and (sigh) invoices.

10:00AM: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! I talk to Susan, a client just starting a family history, and one of our BGGNY colleagues. I prefer in-person meetings, but like most people with desk jobs, I’m now adept at Google Meet, FaceTime, and, of course, Zoom. I’m no expert, but I’m sure better than I was in March.

12:30PM: I hate to admit it, but I’m guilty of eating at my desk more often than not. Luckily, we have some leftover homemade pizza in the fridge, so I enjoy that for lunch—cold!

1:30PM: I meet (virtually) with my SCORE mentors, who are helping Susan and me develop a marketing campaign. They’re both dedicated, hands-on, and so helpful. I always come out of these sessions with a smile on my face—and pages of notes!

3:00PM: Time to work out. I haven’t been able to get to the gym in months, so my warmup consists of running up and down my building’s stairwell. Then Hannah and I do circuit workouts in our living room. She’s like my own personal trainer, and her taste in music really motivates me.

4:30PM: A potential client forwards me a draft of a family story and wants feedback. This is one of my favorite parts of the job: bouncing ideas off each other! Some will be great, some won’t be practical, but all of them have potential. To be continued!

7:00PM: I finish a chapter of a memoir I’m ghostwriting and give myself a pat on the back. I always feel better if I tie up loose ends before dinner. Afterward, I chat with friends, loved ones, and neighbors, just good old-fashioned phone calls—I’m all Zoomed out!

10:00PM: Relaxation before bed is key to getting a good night’s sleep. Lately I’ve been reading Working by Robert Caro (fittingly, a memoir by one of the giants of biographical writing).

11:30PM: Lights out!


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