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Notes for me: 

- Lucky Traditional and Modern covers, sized to Ratio Size #1

- How We Got Here book stacks, sized to Ratio Size #2

- Becoming Evelyn books w/ living rm background, sized to Ratio Size #3

- SS and SH b&w shots, interior camera book shot, all sized to Ratio Size #4

Ratio Sizes:

1: 320 x 400 (small vertical); center column should be 321, not 320

2: 651 x 400 (large horizontal)

3: 651 x 651 (large square)

4: 320 x various sizes (small horizontal)

10 # between images

981 total:  320  [10 space]  321  [10 space]  320


Style mobile version before making Gallery page visible.

Add photos here after sample book is printed.


  • Close-up of cover and interior spread (chapter opener?)

  • Super close-up of a beautiful type treatment

  • Shot of books wrapped for delivery, with package care (with Chinese quote) on the outside, covering ribbon. (beautiful paper and thick ribbon)

  • Shot of book on Judy Abbate's pull-out shelf in her bookcase.

  • Judy reading the book sitting on her living room sofa.

  • Samantha interviewing someone. (in b&w)

  • Me working at my desk (shot from the back, in b&w)

  • Show client quotes in a variety of color & type size treatments. (See quotes in color panels on Meet Us page)

  • Show #1 size photo with Before & After shots of big pile of photos of different sizes, letters, other docs and several finished books. (Upload as one image with two photos butting, no space between. Note "Before" and "After" as part of the image, big enough to be read on an iphone.)

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