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The Design Process

Q. I don’t know anything about design. How can I decide what I want?

A. Use our sample books to help envision the finished product. You can use our samples (found here) as templates, or you can commission a custom design. Regardless, nothing goes to press without your approval.


Q. What if I have a lot fewer photos than what I see in the samples?

A. No matter how many or how few your photos, your book will be designed to fit your story perfectly.


Q. Some of my old photos are cracked and faded. Can we still use them?

A. Absolutely! Not only that, but Susan improves every photo. Here are a few examples of how new life can be breathed into old photos:

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We restore and enhance old photos for your memoir
Photo restoration and enhancement
Photo restoration and enhancement

Q. Won't old photos be meaningless to someone reading my memoir in the future?

A. We write captions for each photograph and document, explaining the content and context. And for really complicated relationships, we can create family trees, so even complete strangers will understand it all.

Q. Some of my old documents are delicate, and I’m afraid they’ll fall apart.

A. We can bring our equipment to you and scan photographs and other documents on site. We can also scan fragile photographs still in their frames. 

Are you ready to start?


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