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I've just started it, but it's already clear to me you've done such a wonderful job with my grandfather’s work. This is an amazing gift to our family. Thank you so much!



Samantha is talented and smart and professional. I recommend her highly!



I was thrilled. Susan is a pro, and a pleasure to work with.



What you have given my grandmother is priceless. Thank you—this book has made me laugh and cry. The fact that you turned a bunch of interviews into a cohesive story is beyond impressive.



Susan was knowledgeable, completely invested in the process, and intuitive.


Samantha is unflappable, trustworthy, and smart. And she gets exactly what I want to say and makes me sound very smooth and articulate. She is the best.



Samantha, you’ve been a hell of an editor, and your comments and suggestions always made it better.



Samantha and Susan are true professionals, and it's a joy to work with them. The time just flew by. When I read the first draft, I thought, “I've had the most wonderful life, haven't I?"



You designed a beautiful book, Susan. Everything of such high quality. The photos sparkle, all of it. Thank you, thank you.


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The partners of Remarkable Life Memoirs were thrilled to be featured in an article about creating memoirs on NYCityWoman.com.


Samantha was featured on the business podcast Smashing the Plateau, with host David Shriner-Cahn. Start listening at 24:09.

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