RLM's Holiday Gift Guide

Though year-end shindigs are effectively canceled this year, gift-giving still looms large for many of us. We’ve got you covered in three essential categories—each with a bonus “treat yourself” option, because pandemic.

Category #1: Comfort

  • A cozy pullover. Imagine your honey curled up by the fireplace (or, let’s face it, Netflix) in a Patagonia fleece. Choose from tons of styles and colors, while supporting an environmentally friendly company.

  • The perfect mug. Bring out your BFF’s inner English major with a mug sporting the opening lines of classic books. (Brownie points if they don’t need to consult the key on the bottom!) For fans of the Bard, or just cranks, consider one covered in Shakespearean insults.

  • Treat-yourself bonus: the life-changing laptop stand. We know, we know—we can’t stop talking about this thing. But you deserve the gift of a neck that doesn’t ache after hours of Zoom meetings!

Category #2: Food

  • A taste of New York: If travel plans fell through, send a virtual vacation in the form of bagels and lox, a nice pastrami sandwich, or even the glories of Papaya King. Not quite a Broadway show, but close.

  • DIY bakery: In our ongoing effort to find more excuses to eat sweets, let us suggest this new cookbook, Snacking Cakes, focusing on the two most beautiful words in the English language.

  • Treat-yourself bonus: Levain cookies were once available only in a tiny Upper West Side bakery. But now you can get them in grocery stores and via home delivery. Hallelujah!

Category #3: Stories

  • Fun for word nerds: Delight readers young and old with their own home library kit, a brand-spanking-new journal, or a trove of thought-provoking storytelling prompts.

  • Support storytelling: A donation to StoryCorps, the nonprofit that helps connect people through the stories they tell.

  • A beautifully designed, privately published memoir. C’mon, you knew this would be on the list! Great news: Once again, we’re offering a Remarkable Life gift card, good for any of our services. Treat yourself, or a loved one, to a memorable heirloom—with a little help from us.