Remarkable Family Recipes

What are the recipes you find yourself reaching for again and again? Chances are they’re not the most elegant or complicated. Instead, your most beloved recipes are probably the ones you could make in your sleep! In honor of the onset of fall, we at RLM offer a selection of family classics. Some are holiday favorites, some are in the weekly dinner rotation—but we’re thrilled whenever they show up on the menu, because they taste like love!

P.S. Some of our recipes are so ancient (read: stained, a little torn up, and in a binder in the kitchen), that we found you near-identical online versions. Enjoy!

Samantha’s Top 3

1. These cranberry-orange breakfast buns are cinnamon rolls with a twist! We make them, in advance, to eat on Thanksgiving morning, before rushing off to see the parade. The tartness of the fruit pairs nicely with the sweet icing. This year, we may have to watch from our sofa, but these sweet treats will make a socially distanced holiday a little warmer.

2. When my girls arrived home from college on fall break, they would immediately attack the fridge. (Hey, studying is hard work!) I started making this sweet kugel recipe a day before so they would have something comforting to eat while catching up. Lokshen kugel is kind of a noodle casserole and kind of an eggy pudding—traditionally served to break the fast at the end of Yom Kippur. Tastes best when you’re standing in front of the fridge with your coat still on.

3. This is probably the most time-intensive recipe of this post: carrot cake cookies. But it’s worth it! Ideally with the help of everyone in the house, I make these each year for the harvest holiday of Sukkot. Nothing in the recipe is particularly difficult, but there are about a dozen different steps (thanks, Martha Stewart!). Basically portable carrot cake, they remind everyone why we love autumn.

Susan’s Top 3

1. One of my favorite desserts—ever!— is this fudge ribbon torte. When my mother made this ice cream pie, it was a signal that she cared very much about the people gathered around the table. She would serve it when dear friends came to visit; on summer evenings, when my sisters and brother and I were all home for a meal; and to her friends from church and her bridge club. You can see how frequently used her original paper recipe is!

2. In the '60s, my mother found this chocolate cake recipe in an issue of Better Homes & Gardens. From then on, it became the recipe for every birthday cake she made for each of her four children. It didn't occur to us to register a preference for any other flavor! I recommend trying it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream—trust me, it’s pure heaven.

3. My grandmother used to serve this chili con carne for dinner when we'd arrive at their home after making the 8-hour drive from our own. It was so great to walk in the door, smelling her unmistakable chili. When she moved from her house to an apartment many years later, I acquired her cast-iron Dutch oven, and now can use it to make the same recipe.

Bonus: Hannah’s Fave!

I’ve been making (read: helping my mom make) chocolate chip pumpkin loaf for years. Yes, that’s really me in the photo below! I missed it so much when I went to college that my mom would actually express-mail me loaves, which were very quickly eaten by me and my friends. This is such an easy recipe, and it’s so delicious!

If you want to share your own homemade traditions, tag us on social media or message us directly! And if you’re interested in designing a family cookbook or creating a recipe-based memoir, please get in touch to discuss how we can help you cook up something deliciously memorable!