Let Us Hack Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is one of RLM’s favorite holidays—and not just because of the food! While we may not be able to gather our loved ones around the same table this year, we can still make the holiday memorable. We are thankful for our favorite Thanksgiving dishes—made even better with a twist on tradition!

1. Kale and caramelized onion stuffing: Would Thanksgiving even be Thanksgiving without stuffing? We don’t think so. This savory recipe combines the classic elements of everyone’s favorite dish, but upgrades it with tangy sourdough bread and meltingly sweet onions. If you have an antsy toddler who wants to “help,” let them rip your sourdough loaf into shreds. Most importantly (in our humble opinion), the finished dish is the ideal ingredient in your next-day leftover sandwich.

2. Sweet potato and orange puree: This easy-peasy recipe will be the sleeper hit in your Thanksgiving dinner lineup. Simultaneously starchy and sweet, it’s like dessert before the dessert course. Plus, the autumnal pop of color will instantly liven up any plate. Pro tip: Use as a condiment in Friday’s leftover sandwich!

3. Gardein’s vegan holiday roast: Yes, we’re recommending a vegan, tofu-based, pre-packaged turkey alternative. Look, everyone knows a vegetarian or a vegan, and they shouldn’t have to settle for rolls and salad for dinner! This just isn’t the year for you to roast a whole turkey anyway. Our very own Hannah swears by this brand, but there are tons of similar ones at your local store—go explore!

4. Double-layer pumpkin cheesecake: While we are fans of pumpkin pie, we recognize that many others aren’t. But we’re willing to bet that this recipe will change their minds in a heartbeat. It’s a combination of the perfect New York cheesecake (creamy, rich, and flavorful) and the best part of pumpkin pie (the sweet sense that you’re eating the Thanksgiving dessert). If you want the spice-infused taste without the tedium of baking one yourself, go ahead and pick up the Trader Joe’s version—we won’t tell.