Behind the Scenes: RLM's Tips for Bearable Zoom Meetings

The summer of working from home may be over, but it looks like many of us will be stuck with working from Zoom for the foreseeable future. At RLM, much of our schedule is devoted to talking to clients, vendors, mentors, and BGGNY colleagues (to name just a few!) via videoconference. So we’ve compiled our best advice for making a day of screen time a little more bearable!

Resist the urge to (always) wear pajama pants. Sure, no one will be able to see them on a sitting-down video call. But mimicking business casual can really motivate you (and might even improve your posture). We’re all for changing into PJs after hours—mostly because it’s such a treat after a day in work clothes! If you can’t bear to part with your comfy sweatpants, make a compromise: For every day you pull it together, you get another day in which it indulge in loungewear guilt-free.

Invest in a laptop stand. We mentioned this in our tips for perfecting your at-home workspace, but we’re so obsessed, we have to preach about it again. A great laptop stand ensures that you won’t have to stack dictionaries to align your webcam with your face. More comfort = less fidgeting = more professional calls!

Allow buffer time between calls. We’re guilty of stacking meeting after meeting with barely any time in between. That might feel like efficient scheduling, but actually doing it can be exhausting. Plus, it almost guarantees an awkward early exit from a meeting you really care about! Instead, try to schedule at least 15 minutes between calls. That way, one meeting can run late, and you can still grab a snack and catch up on missed notifications, allowing you to start your next meeting (relatively) stress-free.

Take a walk around the block. Or do a short yoga flow. Or do jumping jacks in your living room! Even five minutes between meetings will get your blood flowing, helping you feel more alert and ready to tackle your next (or next three) Google Meets.

Eat cake. Okay, okay, now that we’ve got your attention, please substitute “Snack on something nourishing and delicious, in reasonable quantities.” It’s an RLM tradition to sweeten our company meetings with treats—whether it’s birthday cake for our anniversary (our #4 is coming up soon!), muffins, cupcakes, or freshly-baked pumpkin chip loaf. That’s one business call you’ll definitely look forward to!