A Present for the Whole Family


You know them: the family members with amazing stories—and way too much modesty. Raise your hand if you’ve heard something like this:


“Who would want to read anything about me? I'm not famous!”

“Oh, I’ve been telling these stories forever. You’ve heard them a million times.”

“But those things happened ages ago. No one cares about them nowadays.”


You know otherwise. These life histories are endlessly fascinating, and you’d love to save them somehow. Maybe you’ve tried to convince loved ones to write down or record their memories, to no avail. 


We can help!

Allow us to take care of all the details. We'll send you a gift certificate, housed in an elegant presentation box and ready for giving. Your special gift recipient will look forward to the engaging and meaningful experience of narrating a life history, and you and your family will gain a treasured heirloom: the story of a life well lived.

Call Samantha at 212-996-1611 or email us to start the conversation. We love stories, and we can’t wait to hear yours!

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